Alternative Tattoo Removal Methods

If you are considering laser tattoo removal, chances are you have researched your options and come across the many different methods advertised online. While some of these options may seem tempting with a low price tag and promises of quick results, they are simply not worth it, often leaving permanent irreversible damage to the skin. Harsh chemicals and exfoliants can leave the skin scarred with pigment changes which can be more obvious than the initial tattoo. This can make covering the tattoo with a new tattoo very difficult and can make it impossible to remove the tattoo using effective methods down the line. Here are a few alternative methods of tattoo removal to watch out for:


This method essentially sands down your skin with a fast moving brush. This removes the top layer of skin and the dermis which contains the tattoo pigment. This painful method requires multiple treatments for effective removal and leaves the skin open to infection requiring months between sessions to heal properly. Ultimately, this method leaves unsightly scarring which is usually much more obvious than the initial tattoo.


When researching tattoo removal, creams always pop up. They promise removal with little side effects, no pain and a very appealing low price. The reality is these creams usually contain acid or harsh bleaching chemicals and are made to be applied at home with no supervision or training, often leading to chemical burns, itching, peeling and permanent scarring.

Acid Peels

These products include glycolic acid peels, TCA peels and acid injections. They work by dissolving several layers of skin to fade the tattoo. Similarly to creams, these methods often leave the skin with acid burns, peeling and scarring while not completely removing the tattoo. These methods are often offered by beauty salons looking to offer tattoo removal with very little investment. Again, these methods tend to leave scarring and pigment changes which can make further removal or coverup tattoos very difficult, if not impossible.

Surgical Removal

This method involves a surgeon cutting the tattooed skin away. This tends to produce good results for very small tattoos, but there are always scars left afterwords. This invasive method is generally unsuitable for larger tattoos and healing times can be quite long, leaving bumps and discoloured scarring.

Laser tattoo removal is considered the gold standard in tattoo removal, there are potential side effects which are discussed in detail during your consultation but these are generally minor and temporary when your treatment is completed by a trained professional. While laser is not a quick option, it is proven to be the most effective method currently available and is continuously being researched and developed.