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Alternative Tattoo Removal Methods

If you are considering laser tattoo removal, chances are you have researched your options and come across the many different methods advertised online. While some of these options may seem tempting with a low price tag and promises of quick results, they are simply not worth it, often leaving permanent irreversible damage to the skin. Harsh chemicals and exfoliants can leave the skin scarred with pigment changes which can be more obvious than the initial tattoo. This can make covering the tattoo with a new tattoo very difficult and can make it impossible to remove the tattoo using effective methods down the line. Here are a few alternative methods of tattoo removal to watch out for:


This method essentially sands down your skin with a fast moving brush. This removes the top layer of skin and the dermis which contains the tattoo pigment. This painful method requires multiple treatments for effective removal and leaves the skin open to infection requiring months between sessions to heal properly. Ultimately, this method leaves unsightly scarring which is usually much more obvious than the initial tattoo.