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Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal

Laser tattoo removal can help to remove or fade existing semi-permanent makeup. This process can be a little more complex, so it's vital to choose a practitioner with proper training and experience. 


Eye Brows

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Lip Tint

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Lip Liner

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Booking and Treatment Process

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Within the next one to two business days, we will provide you an estimate of the cost of our services.


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If you decide to work with us, we'll set up your initial consultation with you.

Upload Pictures

When you provide pictures, it helps us offer you a more accurate quote.


Complete Intake Forms

These are the forms that assist us to understand your needs better.


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Schedule Session

We'll have everything we need to get started! We'll have you schedule your session.


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Price Guide

View Semi Permanent Makeup Pricing Guide

Semi-Permanent Makeup


Our most common treatments include removal of tattooed or micro-bladed eyebrows, tattooed lip liner and tattooed lip colour.

Semi-permanent makeup removal usually requires around 1-6 sessions and starts with a consultation and test patch.


What Our Clients Say

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