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Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal


£600 +VAT


2 Days

About the Course

Gain an In-Depth Understanding of Laser Tattoo Removal with Our Masterclass Course

Delve into the exciting world of laser tattoo removal through the comprehensive masterclass course with ClearLase Academy. Designed for professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of the process, this course covers the intricacies of tattoo removal, from the science behind laser technology to advanced treatment techniques.

Led by industry experts with extensive experience, our masterclass provides you with invaluable insights and practical knowledge. Explore the nuances of different tattoo types, pigment dynamics, and laser settings, enabling you to tailor treatments for optimal results. Through hands-on demonstrations and case studies, you will develop the expertise and confidence needed to excel in this specialized field.

Unleash your potential and become a trusted authority in laser tattoo removal. Enrol in our masterclass course today and gain the in-depth understanding necessary to deliver exceptional results for your clients.

Your Instructor

Ben Hartley and Danielle Frost

Ben Hartley and Danielle Frost

Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and real world practice as laser tattoo removal specialists

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