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Perma-Nano Active Q-Switched Laser and Training


£26000 +VAT


1 Day

About the Course

Unleash Your Potential with the PermaNANO Active Q-Switched Laser and Training from ClearLase Academy.

Elevate your tattoo removal business with our PermaNANO Active Q-Switched laser and comprehensive training. Achieve exceptional results and maximize the potential of this advanced technology.

The PermaNANO Active Q-Switched laser is a state-of-the-art device that achieves exceptional tattoo removal results. By investing in this powerful tool, you stay ahead of the competition and deliver outstanding outcomes for your clients.

Our comprehensive training program equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in laser tattoo removal. Led by industry experts, our immersive sessions cover the fundamentals and advanced techniques. Gain confidence and proficiency through hands-on practice.

By combining the PermaNANO Active Q-Switched laser with our top-tier training, you position yourself as a trusted expert, delivering safe and successful treatments. Expand your business opportunities and revenue streams with this in-demand service.

Unlock your potential in laser tattoo removal. Invest in professional growth and ensure a prosperous future. Contact us now to learn more and redefine excellence in tattoo removal.

Your Instructor

Ben Hartley and Danielle Frost

Ben Hartley and Danielle Frost

Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and real world practice as laser tattoo removal specialists

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