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Tattoo Removal Clinic in Sheffield With Real Results

ClearLase Laser Tattoo Removal - Professional laser tattoo removal in Sheffield using state of the art equipment with years of experience to give the best results. Visit our laser clinic in Sheffield to see what we can do for you.

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Sheffield With Real Results

Sheffield laser clinic offering highly experienced and qualified laser tattoo removal - we use state of the art laser equipment for quick and effective treatments. Our cry-cooling technology uses -20 degrees air to effectively cool the skin before, during and after your laser treatment. This allows for a safer and more comfortable treatment with excellent results, whether your aim is complete removal or fading ready for a coverup tattoo.

We work closely with some of the UK's top artists to fade unwanted tattoos to make space for new high quality coverup tattoos, without compromising the new tattoo design.


We use top of the range Q-Switched Nd:Yag lasers which are the gold standard in laser tattoo removal. The equipment we use is not the standard tabletop laser equipment seen in many tattoo studios or laser removal business', this is medical grade, highly effective equipment.

The higher power and large adjustable spot size of our laser is clinically proven to penetrate deeper and reach ink that would otherwise be difficult to remove. The wavelengths are selected based on the colour of the ink that is being removed. This produces the best results while causing minimal effect to the surrounding tissues, allowing for effective tattoo removal while leaving skin smooth and evenly textured.

Our cryo-cooler has received excellent feedback from our customers, 

Our prices are based on the size of the tattoo and start from £25 per session. We offer competitive pricing, but more importantly, a professional and effective service

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Our Treatment Room

Our treatment room is purpose designed with plenty of space and privacy to make your tattoo removal process as comfortable as possible, while adhering to safety regulations. We work closely with Sheffield council to ensure this meets their strict requirements.

This room is home to our high power, state of the art laser which is able to treat your tattoo in a fraction of the time of a standard laser. Due to the power and spot size of this laser, we are able to reach ink deeper in the skin to provide more complete removals where other equipment may struggle. 

Laser tattoo removal creates heat - we have the facility to cool your skin before, during and after the treatment to reduce the heat and therefore minimise discomfort and skin trauma. 

Visit us in Kelham Island, Sheffield to start your tattoo removal journey.

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Would definitely recommend this!! I've had a few sessions with other people before coming to ClearLase and didn't really notice any difference. But since coming here it's as good as gone, made to feel really welcome! Loving my progress, thank you. X

Ria Haines

Did a really good job of fading a very black tattoo for my cover up. Really pleased with the results and would recommend highly!

Dan Ferens

Brilliant, professional service, and Ben is a super-nice guy who's always happy to help too.

Andrew Ian

Firstly the studio is gorgeous and easy to get to. I had my third session today with the new laser, it was over in a fraction of the time. I was made to feel as comfortable as possible and Ben explained all the steps and aftercare in detail. Very pleased with the process of my tattoo removal and can't wait for my next sitting.
Thank you Ben!

Highly recommend as Ben is very professional and provides an excellent service. Very thorough with the process including the aftercare and goes at your pace.


Very clean. Used new laser and took a fraction of the time. Convenient location as well. Thanks Ben!


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ClearLase Tattoo Removal,
2 Kelham Square
S3 8SD

0114 4000 255

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